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Supplier Global Resource Magazine March/April 2012 : Page 37

“There is a difference between invention and innovation – the latter is the economically relevant version of the former.” DAvID KAPPOS, UnITED STATES PATEnT AnD TRADEMARK OFFICE legislation and provide a forum for public feedback and questions. Congress will fund a number of studies in connection with the implementation of the AIA. For example, Congress has required the Government Accountabil-ity Office to study the consequences of certain issues of concern raised by oppo-nents of the AIA, including patent litiga-tion by NPEs or PAEs in consultation with the USPTO. This patent litigation study will include the volume of litigation in the 20 years before enactment of the AIA; the volume of cases which are found to be without merit after judicial review; the impact of litigation on the time to resolve patent claims; the costs with such litigation; its economic impact on the U.S. economy and job creation; and any ben-efits created by NPEs or PAEs. Another Congressional study will require the Small Business Administration in consultation with the USPTO to study the effects of switching to a first-to-file patent system on small businesses. In particular, the study will examine how the change affects small businesses’ ability to obtain patents, any advantages or disadvantages the sys-tem creates for small businesses, and cost savings or other potential benefits. “Our new law in the U.S. is anchored in the desire to more effectively match the rate and pace of the patenting pro-cess to the rate and pace of invention, and the rate and pace of commercializa-tion,” Kappos says. “But in saying this we realize that there is a difference between invention and innovation — the latter is the economically relevant version of the former. So, the goal of the new America Invents Act is to create not just the sim-plest possible patent system, or the most precise patent system, but rather the most innovation-friendly and inventor-friendly patent system that reduces costs, levels the playing field for businesses small and large, and spurs economic growth.”  ENJOY LIFE! GO GREEN WITH SUSINO FOLDABLE BAG! Foldable, reusable, for sport and outdoor use. Logo printing available. Get more information on our products and services! • BSCI & Wal-Mart Qualifi ed Factory • Professional R&D Team • Superior Quality Assurance System • Experienced Customer Service Team Email: or visit us at . SGR/8500 WWW.SUPPLIERGLOBALRESOURCE.COM MARCH/APRIL 2012 37

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